Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday : Trunk or Treat Tips

Getting ready for Truck or Treat?
Here are some great tips to jazz up you trunk

Choose a theme-
*Use items you already have around the house. If you threw a party and saved the decorations use those to decorate your trunk. Your theme doesn't have to be spooky. Any theme you would use as a birthday party would work for trunk or treat. (Princess castle, Dinosaurs, Clown/circus ect.)
*Think of your trunk as an extension of your costume. If you dress up as a clown, do your trunk in a circus theme.

Make it Fun-
*Give out toys/treats that go with you theme.
* Play music to stand out for the others.
* Make a game they have to play to get a treat. It is not a race to see how much candy they can get in 10 min. have something fun to do!. If you have a beach theme, have them go under the limbo to get their treat. Have a bing bag toss if they get the 5 they pick a price out of the 5 box and so on.

Useful Tips-
* build up the inside of your trunk so your not looking down into your trunk. Build it up with boxes and cover it with a blanket, sheet, table cloth.
* use a plastic table cover to set up a backdrop so you don't have to see the inside of your car you will just see the decorations in your trunk
Don't be scared, be creative and have a blast!