Monday, October 31, 2011

Munchkin Monday: Happy Halloween!

What better way to celebrate Halloween then pictures of cute kids in costumes?

Hey it's Tiffany! Here's my cute little munchkins in their costumes! I thought my little guy was the cutest little giraffe ever and my girl was the cutest witch! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I know we certainly did:)

Happy Halloween this is Whitney and my cute family this Halloween. We had so much fun with these costumes. My husband and son love to talk like pirates so this was a fun year for costumes. They were WAY into it.

Pirate family with our cute little Tinker Bell

We love to dress up, hear is a pictures from last year. We did a Toy Story theme with my family and went all out. LOVE HALLOWEEN! What better time to be someone FUN! Have Fun and be safe!

Hey, Hi! This is JeNae. I'm not too crafty when it comes to costumes, but these are some of my favorites.

Hey it's Emily! Here are my cute little witch and Darth Vader.

Isabelle's witchy nose makes me smile =)

HI It is TERESA!!! This year we decided to be Wizard of OZ cause we had a sweeeeeeet lion costume for our little man but when i opened it 2 yrs after we bought it. I noticed we were missing a super important part--the mane! ugh i was so annoyed and we were already planning our costumes so he became the Tin Man. My 6 yr old decided he would rather be a pirate so that is why we have an out cast in our family! we should have let him join Whitney's family pic.

Hi there, it's Andrea. Well, a little late due to a few technical difficulties but here we are. The kids were given the idea of being something different and not a movie or TV character this year. I think it turned out pretty good! :)