Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet tooth Tuesday: Donut hole cake Pops

Right now cake pops have become the biggest craze. Making cake pops is very time consuming but i have a great short cut and still have the cake pop look that we all love.
Donut Holes
The secret to cute but fast cake pops is to use donut hole.

You will need 1 bag (14oz) candy melts any color. Melt the melts in the microwave according to the direction on the package. Dip the donut hole into the melts and swirl it to cover all the donut. Tap it on the side to get the extra chocolate off. Place them on your wax paper to harden. Now the fun part, be creative with your sprinkles and how you decorate them.
You can also use a square piece of Styrofoam and stick the pops in to have more of a sucker look.

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Emily Robertson said...

hehe I love the sprinkle pics! And what a great idea. Im wierd & am not a fan of the cake balls, but donut holes...yummers!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am so excited that you came up with this idea. The thought of eating a cakeball totally grosses me out! All that cake and frosting mushed up into a ball is sickening. But I would be able to eat your doughnut balls. Good job on not making me want to puke!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the sprinkle lips. Also love this idea. Way quicker for sure.