Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Thursday : Bat Curtains

I was inspired for this idea by this idea on I didn't want the same pattern from the curtains on Martha, because it was a little bit too scary (I thought) for kids. So we decided to go with bats! Also, the Martha Stewart curtains seemed VERY time consuming and difficult to make. I am super busy, so this version was best for me.

I started with an old sheet that has been laying around forever, then I shredded the side that I wanted to be the bottom. Then I tied several of the torn strips into knots to give the curtains a spooky feel.

Step 1: First i drew several different sized bat patterns onto some thick chipboard, and cut them in half. I then folded the felt in half and placed the straight edge of the pattern along the fold. This helped me to only make half the cuts on each bat!

Step 2: I then traced the patterns onto some black felt, and cut them out.

Step 3: After all the bats were cut out, I placed them on the sheet and arranged them. Then I sewed a few basic stitches to attach the bat cut-outs. SO easy and SO cute!


Mooners said...

I love these i so need to make them for our huge windows next Halloween. how did you finish the tops and attach them? what fabric did you use for the white?? Okay i know i am slow to learn. :)

Emily Robertson said...

I love it!!! Im pretty sure I NEED to make these for next year!