Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday : October Theme Challenge

For today's Wild Card Wednesday, us Terrace Girls gave ourselves a challenge. We were each given the same item, and had to come up with something creative with it.

For the month of October, Emily gave each of us a dollar-store wicker wreath. The only stimpulation was that it had to be either Fall or Halloween Themed.

None of our names are shown because we want YOU, the readers, to vote for which one you want. Then that lucky gal, will come up with a tutorial to show you how they did it :

Talented Terrace Girl #1

I have a cute fall door decoration for Fall but nothing for Halloween so I was excited for this challenge. I wanted something with the all the fun Halloween colors. It was pretty easy to make and my daughter loves the bats and spiders!

Talented Terrace Girl #2:

I was SO excited about the Theme Challenge for this month! I have been dying to make this for months ever since I saw it on the Martha Stewart website. I fell in love....sigh... So to describe my wreath I would say glammed up spooky. I love it!

Talented Terrace Girl #3

I was so happy for this challenge. I have no Halloween decor at all. As I was trying to think of something to do, I found this linked up, and knew that I wanted to re-create it for my wreath. My husband says that this could be spookier if the eyes glowed in the dark.
This was fairly simple to make, and I know it cost under $10. Go me!

Talented Terrace Girl #5

I Loved this month's challenge! It was fun to make, and a kid-friendly craft. Simple, but fun, and {partially} edible...which is always a plus!

Talented Terrace Girl #6

This is my favorite time of year so I had a hard time deciding between Halloween and Fall. I already had a Halloween and a Fall wreath for my door so I took a different twist and hung mine over my table. I LOVE the fall colored leaves and wanted to bring that into my house.

Talented Terrace Girl #7

Yes I know you have seen this on blogger land but it is SUPER CUTE and tons of fun to make. My baby loves it and says OHHHHHHHHH every time he sees it so that means you should VOTE FOR ME! and I will show you step by step what I did to make this and how to keep your burlap straight.

Talented Terrace Girl #8

Rich fall leaves wrap around this wreath to bring the simplicity yet beauty of the season. Best thing about this wreath.... you can enjoy it all season long!!


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Jill said...

I LOVE the spin on the wreath and hanging it over the table--very clever.

Emily Robertson said...

This is so much fun! I love all of the wreaths!!! Such great ideas...=)

Elizabeth Peterson said...

So I just have to mention that I voted for the wrong wreath because I was confused by who each wreath belonged to. I guess I should pay better attention but also maybe next time each project can have a name and thats how it is listed in the who to vote for section?

Sorry spooky glam I am lame!!