Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Thursday : Applique Tie Onesie

 Sunday, my Sister-in-law made a comment {kind of jokingly} that she wanted me to make baby Hudson some cute little onesies with a tie on it.  I kind of laughed, and proceeded on with the night.

Then while I was perusing blogs, I saw a post on applique ties, and I thought it was fate-I was suppose to make some cute shirts.

And boy did I :)

Darling isn't it :)  And soon enough I 'll get some pictures of a cute baby wearing these cute little shirts.

Want to make some?  Here's how I did it:

Applique Tie Onesies

First, head to the store and buy some plain onesies.  I got mine at Ross's....which is a pretty awesome place to get cheaper baby clothes.

Second, grab some fusible interfacing.  You can usually get a good-sized roll for a good price using coupons at Joanns {or somewhere like that}.  I printed out my tie pattern here.  I took some leftover scraps {that were boyish} and ironed them to the interfacing {shiny-bubbly side to wrong side of fabric}.

Next, I layed the pattern on the fabric, and cut it out.  Then I peeled the paper, and layed it down onto the onesie.

Before completely ironning on the tie, I tucked in the bottom of the tie into the "knot".  Then with a good warm iron, I ironned everything on good & snug.

Then, for added measure, I sewed around the entire tie.

And that's it.  One cute baby gift.  And it was super easy.  And it only took me 30 minutes to put together two of these onesies.

My Sister-in-law loved these!  I'm very excited to see my darling nephew wear them :)


Emily Robertson said...

SO cute JeNae!!!! I love these! I need a baby boy to make these for =)

Tiffanee said...

Darling! My friend's baby had one of these on and I was curious how they did it! Thanks these will make fabulou gifts!