Monday, October 17, 2011

Muchkin Monday-Yoda Lightsaber

If you love to dress up for Halloween cause i mean who doesn't LOVE it!!!!!! and you want your family to be as cute as this.........

And you think your baby should look as cute as this.....

Then you should make your little one a LIGHTSABER!!!!!

When we decided we were all going to be Star Wars Characters i knew exactly who i wanted my little man to be, but i didn't want to give him a huge hard lightsaber i wanted one his size. There was 1 little hang up i had.... I couldn't find a soft lightsaber ANYWHERE soooo it ment i needed to try to create something.

I bought my fabric from JoAnn's. The black is felt and i just picked a rectangle size i thought looked good and stitched them on and the horizontal stripes were just sewn with random spacing. Then i took some batting and stuff the stripes to give the handle some depth and texture.

Don't you think those hands are a little manly??? okay that is cause it is my husband sewing not me! He actually loves the machine and sews with it more than i do. I tend to get things ready and make him sew :) It helps him realize the machine isn't very good and that i need a new one soon. 
We stitched around the saber leaving the bottom open so i could turn it. We tried to double and triple stitch it to reinforce it really well, but if i were to make it again i would try to use elastic tread cause my 6 yr old likes to pull it and pop the seams. 

Okay i bet you are asking how did i finish the bottom?? (sorry no pics of that i took the pics last year before we had even thought of making a blog) I cut a circle, put it inside and stitched around it leaving your stitches on the outside. One thing is you will want to stuff it tons to make it more stable, but if you do then you will pop seams more easily. Some people suggested place a wood dowel inside, but i wanted it to be safe and fun for my little man so i let it stay a little droppy. We love it at our house and when my baby started walking it was to stab his Dad with a light saber!