Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Thursday: Fireworks Craft

Hey everyone it's Tiffany! So I saw a craft similar to this at Wood Creations. I got my inspiration for this craft from them, I just changed a few things. I figured I could make a similar craft for a lot less money!

What you need:
12 inch 2x4
10 inch 2x4
8 inch 2x4
scrapbook paper
mod podge
chipboard or wood stars
scrapbook lettering or vinyl lettering
glitter (optional)

Step 1: Drill a hole in the center in the top of the blocks, sand and paint your blocks-one red, white, and blue

Step 2: Paint your stars. I did them white and then put silver glitter on them

Step 3: Cut out your paper and mod podge it onto the wood. Make sure to put a thin coat of mod podge over the top of the paper to seal it

 Step 4: Add your lettering to the stars and go over them with a thin coat of mod podge

Step 5: Curl the wire around a pencil or foam brush. You want nine curled pieces anywhere around 1-2 inches long

Step 6: Hot glue three wire pieces in the top of each block of wood

Step 7: Punch a hole in the stars and the wrap wire the wood, threading the star onto the wire. Curl the ends and wallah, you now have your cute firework craft!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday:Bird Week!

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Bird Week!!
Okay this is an odd post but this is something the Moon house did and we really enjoyed it so we are sharing it with our friends on the blog so you can try something like this too :) 

We have a summer movie pass to see 1 movie a week there are a lot of cities that do this. Well last week we were scheduled to watch "RIO" so we declared it bird week at our house. Here is what we did to celebrate our bird week. 
Monday-Bird Aviary in Salt Lake City, UT
Tuesday-Movie theater "RIO"
Wednesday-Art lesson on drawing birds and use Mom's special art pencils :) & rent "We bought a Zoo"
Thursday-Make Sugar cookies and use a bird cookie cutter
Friday---------Well I got tired :) but if i were to do something it would be this craft... 
We will make that bird feeder later but with 2 families visiting our house thursday night from out of state. (1 family staying over night for 2 nights) and another family coming friday well i decided i better clean and not craft. But when i make it i will show you all a fun picture of it 

I also gave the kids a 100 facts books-Birds of prey. Now they can read about the birds we saw and drew.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Tooth Tuesday: Cake ideas

I love to make cakes. I normally use a box cake and canned icing. 
My favorite part is the creating of the cake. I love to try new things and sometime they turn out good and sometime i am not so lucky. I have done tons of cakes over the years. I do them for all the birthdays in my family and my husbands family. I wanted to share some ideas with you.
Village cake
I covered a big board with tin foil and got to work constructing this village.
Houses are made from cake with ice cream cone trees.All the houses have establishments on them with different candies, cookies.  
 Frankenstein Cake
This was baked in a normal cake pan and shaped with a knife after it cooled. 
Fun Halloween cake
 Superman Cake
This was a birthday cake for my sons birthday. The superman logo is made from craft foam 
 Flower/Butterfly Cake
My daughters 1st birthday was a butterfly party. I found some flowers at the store and placed them on the cake with a butterfly poke. I sprinkled edible pearls around the bottom of the cake.
 Tea Cup Cupcakes
This is fun for a girls party. I made cupcakes and placed them in tea cups and swirled the frosting on to look like whipped cream and added some sprinkles.
 Barbie Doll cake
This one was lots of fun. It was for my sister in-laws 16th birthday. 
Any girl any age likes a barbie in a pretty dress that you can eat.
Tiffany posted how to make a barbie cake. Check it out here
 Raspberry Cake
This chocolate cake is topped with vanilla frosting. Drizzled with raspberry topping, whole raspberry and chocolate shavings.
 Chocolate peanut butter cup cake
Chopped peanut butter cups on top surrounded by nutty butter bars tie with a knot. 
This made a nice Father's Day cake
 Ice Cream Bowl Cake
This ideas looked better in my head but it still was okay. I made the cake and took a little out of the middle so the balls would fit. The ice cream balls are rice crispy treats, rolled them in sprinkles and added extra on top with a spoon on the side.
Swirl Cake
Frost the cake add lines of food coloring a drag a tooth pick in lines the other way to make a cool design. yellow sprinkles on the side. That easy and that cool!
 Crazy Cake
After frosting the cake I used twirlers pull and peel for the strips added the second layer and put sweet tarts for the dots and crazy candle 

I hope you enjoy all the cake as much as I did creating them. I have lots more so keep a look out for the rest of them.
Happy Caking!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Munchkin Monday: 4th of July camping games

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Camping Games
July is a big month for camping and I know my kids love to play outside in the dirt but sometimes you need something extra to keep the entertained and happy. 
Here are a few fun games to play with the family while you are camping.
Marble Run
All you need for this is a swimming noodle for the dollar store and cut it in half. I was not a very good cutter and did not cut mine in half very well so we ended up with one marble run.
grab a bag of marbles at Walmart and there you have it. We cut a hole in a box to keep the marble contained.
The kids played with this for a good while.
sweet and juicy
While we were camping I had a cute idea to use a cookie cutter to cute your watermelon in for the 4th of July. I don't normally pack a star shaped cookie cutter with me when i go camping, so this is something we will all have to do with our next watermelon.

 Marshmallow shooters
My family loves to play games together and sometime not act our age. last year for the 4th of July camping trip we had a rubber band fight/war. It was so much fun. Well this year I wanted to find something that my kids could play with us. So we made these marshmallow shooters.
All you need is plastic cups,
balloons, and marshmallows
You cut the bottom off the cup, tie the balloon and cut the top off that and stretch it over the cut. put your marshmallow in it, aim and shoot!
Lots of fun and very easy for the kids to do.

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