Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Tooth Tuesday: Cake ideas

I love to make cakes. I normally use a box cake and canned icing. 
My favorite part is the creating of the cake. I love to try new things and sometime they turn out good and sometime i am not so lucky. I have done tons of cakes over the years. I do them for all the birthdays in my family and my husbands family. I wanted to share some ideas with you.
Village cake
I covered a big board with tin foil and got to work constructing this village.
Houses are made from cake with ice cream cone trees.All the houses have establishments on them with different candies, cookies.  
 Frankenstein Cake
This was baked in a normal cake pan and shaped with a knife after it cooled. 
Fun Halloween cake
 Superman Cake
This was a birthday cake for my sons birthday. The superman logo is made from craft foam 
 Flower/Butterfly Cake
My daughters 1st birthday was a butterfly party. I found some flowers at the store and placed them on the cake with a butterfly poke. I sprinkled edible pearls around the bottom of the cake.
 Tea Cup Cupcakes
This is fun for a girls party. I made cupcakes and placed them in tea cups and swirled the frosting on to look like whipped cream and added some sprinkles.
 Barbie Doll cake
This one was lots of fun. It was for my sister in-laws 16th birthday. 
Any girl any age likes a barbie in a pretty dress that you can eat.
Tiffany posted how to make a barbie cake. Check it out here
 Raspberry Cake
This chocolate cake is topped with vanilla frosting. Drizzled with raspberry topping, whole raspberry and chocolate shavings.
 Chocolate peanut butter cup cake
Chopped peanut butter cups on top surrounded by nutty butter bars tie with a knot. 
This made a nice Father's Day cake
 Ice Cream Bowl Cake
This ideas looked better in my head but it still was okay. I made the cake and took a little out of the middle so the balls would fit. The ice cream balls are rice crispy treats, rolled them in sprinkles and added extra on top with a spoon on the side.
Swirl Cake
Frost the cake add lines of food coloring a drag a tooth pick in lines the other way to make a cool design. yellow sprinkles on the side. That easy and that cool!
 Crazy Cake
After frosting the cake I used twirlers pull and peel for the strips added the second layer and put sweet tarts for the dots and crazy candle 

I hope you enjoy all the cake as much as I did creating them. I have lots more so keep a look out for the rest of them.
Happy Caking!!


The Stephens Family said...

Being one who likes to make fun cakes as well I enjoyed checking out all the ones you've made!

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