Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday:Flag Blocks

Hello Hello I am typing this today! Well you see when you don't finish projects until the night before and then the husband has to work on homework and the laptop isn't connecting to the internet you tend you get stuck doing things the day of. My husband has almost 80 hours worth of homework and tests to finish up before the end of this month (wish us luck surviving). I also have a really hard not talking to my husband when he is sitting in the same area as me, so needless to say i am constantly interrupting him :) I am the greatest wife EVER!! 

Today's project is all about the American flag! And yes my fun friend Rochelle Cardell in Australia should make one too!! I mean her kids are half American and her husband is pure American Awesomness, I am just saying! And whoever makes one of this fun easy beauties you should add it to our Facebook page. I want to see all your variations and fun projects
I found this fun idea when i was exploring pinterest and this is the blog it came from Brown Paper Bag


Emily totally joined me in this fun project cause her and i tend to copy each other :) we must be super similar or just super AMAZING! 
Emily loves spray paint. I on the other hand have never bought a can of it :) 
so we spray painted the red with some red at Emily's house and then used craft paint for the white and blue.

Then we attacked with glitter! We used Emers glue and sprinkled the glitter on while wet. 

Then we made the star out of card stock just like the star Emily made for our Chipboard Challenge!

Trace a star you want cut out and then draw lines from the tip to the opposite dip in part. 

Then fold down each of those lines and crease to stand out.

We then hot glued the corners of the the star onto the blue part.

Sprayed with some matte finish and TADA!!!

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Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

I LOVE the glitter, super cute!!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Weird-I am making that same project right now. Paint is drying as we speak.

Amber said...

That is darling. I LOVE glitter, too!