Monday, June 25, 2012

Munchkin Monday: 4th of July camping games

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Camping Games
July is a big month for camping and I know my kids love to play outside in the dirt but sometimes you need something extra to keep the entertained and happy. 
Here are a few fun games to play with the family while you are camping.
Marble Run
All you need for this is a swimming noodle for the dollar store and cut it in half. I was not a very good cutter and did not cut mine in half very well so we ended up with one marble run.
grab a bag of marbles at Walmart and there you have it. We cut a hole in a box to keep the marble contained.
The kids played with this for a good while.
sweet and juicy
While we were camping I had a cute idea to use a cookie cutter to cute your watermelon in for the 4th of July. I don't normally pack a star shaped cookie cutter with me when i go camping, so this is something we will all have to do with our next watermelon.

 Marshmallow shooters
My family loves to play games together and sometime not act our age. last year for the 4th of July camping trip we had a rubber band fight/war. It was so much fun. Well this year I wanted to find something that my kids could play with us. So we made these marshmallow shooters.
All you need is plastic cups,
balloons, and marshmallows
You cut the bottom off the cup, tie the balloon and cut the top off that and stretch it over the cut. put your marshmallow in it, aim and shoot!
Lots of fun and very easy for the kids to do.

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Emily Robertson said...

These look super fun! I totally need to try these =)