Monday, June 11, 2012

Munchkin Monday: Bleached 4th of July T-shirts

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Last year, Whitney had a play group with a bunch of us in it and we did  these fun shirts.  This year I wanted to keep the tradition gong with my kids and do some fun shirts for them.  I saw this idea on Pinterest one day and of course I wanted to try it.  It was super easy to do!!!

Here's what you need:
a spray bottle with bleach (mix in a little water but don't make it too diluted or it won't work)
t-shirts in whatever colors you want
freezer paper

I just grabbed some cheapo shirts at Walmart.  I thought about doing 2 different colors but then I kinda wanted my kids to be matching.  I cut out a bunch of stars and fireworks with my cricut.  I cut them out on freezer paper.  Freezer paper is awesome because you can cut things out and then iron them on to the shirt and they don't move!  (especially helpful when doing things outside like I did with this)  So after I cut out my shapes, I ironed them on the shirts.  I just did a random pattern, but you could do it in shapes or whatever pattern you want.  If you want to let the kiddos help, they can choose where to put the stars.  But I did this while both kids were sleeping and I was bored.

Once you have the stars in place and ironed on, put a piece of cardboard or thick cardstock paper inside the shirt so the bleach doesn't run through to the other side.  Once you've done that, I would recommend spraying outside, unless you want to chance bleach getting on anything....your choice...Then spray the shirts all over.  You can do a light misting for light coverage or you can soak it to make the shirt turn white.  Whatever you want.  Then, let it sit outside and dry for a little while. Once they are dry, just peel off the paper.

The sun helps it dry faster(obviously) and it also helps the bleach to whiten a bit more.  Then viola!  You have some fun shirts for the kiddos.  Feel free to add a little pizzazz to the them too.  I'm debating getting some glitter and blinging out my daughter's shirt.

This is the shirt for my little boy.  I didn't have the bleach as strong as it should have been so it was a bit lighter.  But it works for a boy because boys don't want big flashy stuff anyway =)
This is my daughter's.  It went really light.  I think I have some sparkle that I may add, but I will let her decide and let her do it.
This was a super easy and cheap craft to do.  If you don't have a cricut or sillouette, feel free to just draw stars out freehand on the freezer paper.  Or if your kids are old enough or know how to draw the stars, let them do it (I totally should have done that!).  You can even cut out letters or whatever you want.  The great thing about this is it is so easy to personalize it to each kid's tastes.  Have fun!!!

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The Stephens Family said...

Those are very cute! I might just have to make my kids some:)

Anonymous said...

I love all the fun activities and the the creativity that you gal share with us, your humble followers. Most of all I really, really, love the way you young wives and mothers work together to make a positive contribution to society. Keep up the fabulous work!!