Friday, June 1, 2012

Foodie Friday: Ham & Pineapple Sandwich

Well today is my Anniversary so I would like to tell my husband thanks for the AWESOME time we have had together these 5 years have been great. There are days I don't like you but I will always love you! Thanks for brainwashing me into loving you :) 

Okay now onto the regularly scheduled post :)

This Sandwich Has a lot of do this or that in it. I will post the thing that is BEST first and then the secondary choices after that. There are days I am too cheap to buy the yummiest or days I want the best :) 

First spread some garlic butter on the bread. Stadium rolls or Croissants work the best but feel free to try anything :) 

Next toast the tops I always use a skillet it is an even toast and more controlled than a broil setting

Cover with Canadian Bacon slices or ham lunch meat! The order of layering the goods is important Ham first so the Pineapple juices don't make your bread soggy. 

Cover ham with pineapple rings or tidbits or chunks (just get some pineapple on there!) 

Now layer some Provolone cheese or Mozzarella onto your sandwiches then put into the oven on broil until the cheese melts. Cheese always last so that it can hold your entire sandwich together and you wont have as many pineapple trying to escape!

Lastly devour these amazing babies on a hot summer day cause they are light. Don't worry if you become addicted and eat them for 3 days straight it really has happened to the best of us :) 

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Emily Robertson said...

This looks SUPER yummy! I really need to try this one out!