Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Thursday : Planter Boxes

With today being the last day in May, and summer quickly approaching, let's break out the power tools & build some beautiful Planter Boxes!

My husband & I made Five of these beauties to put in our parking stips.  I decided that I was tired of weeds, and I wanted to beautify the front of our house.

Here's what you'll need:
Materials List
·         (3) 2x4-8 Pressure Treated Boards
·         (14) 5/8” x  5.5”  x  6’ Gold Stained Fencing
·         (160) 1 ½ “ Screws
·         (10) 1 CU of Top Soil
Tools List
·         Compound Miter Saw
·         Screw Driver
Cut List
·         Cut the pressure treated boards into 1 Foot Pieces
·         Cut the Fencing Boards into 2 Foot Pieces
1.       Cut all your boards at once.  We’re starting an assembly line.  My fencing boards were dog-eared, but that didn’t matter, they still worked & were 50 cents cheaper than the other boards.
2.       To make a box, start with one 12” piece of 2x4.  Take 2 2’ fencing boards, laying side by side, and butt them against one end of the 2x4.  This will leave a slight overhang at the bottom, but it doesn’t really matter.
3.       Use two screws per board, and screw into the 2x4’s.
4.       Continue working around, until you have a completed box.
5.       Place box wherever you please, and fill with 2 bags of you top soil.
6.       Plant & enjoy!
Here's a look at the corners in the box:

And here's a look at the outside corners of the box.  See how the top is flush together, and there's a little bit of space at the bottom??

Here's a top-view of my completed box:

And here's is one of the parking strips with the boxes...the other parking strip will have the other box.

~My materials to make 5 boxes cost me $60~

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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