Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Mother's day gift ideas

Mothers Day is coming soon and I know we are all looking for the prefect gift to give those special moms in our lives. These are all the rage right not and are all over for a pretty penny. I am here to show you how to make your own for a reasonable price.
I have wanted one of these for a while now so I made me one and one for my mom for my kids to give her.
What you will need is
- Jewelry wire (I prefer using a 24 gage because it is easier to manipulate but the 20 gage can work well too with the help of some round nose pliers)
- pearls or glass beads
- necklace chain
- jump ring and a clasp
I found these necklace chains at Walmart on clearance. They are called Connect and wear 
Find the beads you would like and string them on the wire and arrange them the way that you would like
(You can use as many beads as you want, I use 3 cause I have 3 kids)
 Start to wrap the wire around the beads and just keep going till you get the thickness you want for the nest
Take a smaller piece of wire and wrap it in between each bead to hold it together
 Add a jump ring and a clasp if you want one and attach it to the necklace
 I love them and am very exited to wear mine for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Corsage
I went through my scraps of fabric and found some lace, pink silky material and ji found two different types of white that i thought would go good together.
I cut them into circles, it doesn't matter if they are perfect circles just free hand them the best you can.
I also had some pearls the i strung to make a band for the flowers to go on.

 I started with a white felt circle to hot glue my pieces to. Fold them into thirds or bunch them up. Place them on the glue and do that all the way around your felt circle.
 Do another layer on top of that
 When you make the smaller flower you will do the same steps but start with a smaller felt circle.
I cut out another piece of felt to glue on the back to hold both of them together.

 Glue the strand of bead/pearls to the back and slid it on your wrist and you now have a really cute long lasting flower that Grandma or Mom can wear on Mother's Day.

I hope all you wonderful Mothers out there have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!


Okay Hi this is Teresa I am trying to add this to Whit's post before i leave for work (should've left 5min ago) I cant seem to find the pics i edited and the one with the finished project picture so i will either find it tonight or take another pic of my daughters tonight.
Okay i am the leader in my church over the 8-11 yr old girls so we wanted to make a cute easy mothers day project with the girls so i took these cut 2x4s they are about 4 inches long. the girls painted them, wrote a message to their mom on a piece of paper then we glued the note on one side the a picture of each girl on the opposite side. I love mine (I got mine early cause my daughter LOVES me) the hand written message is really cute and personal. Adrea can't wait to make one for all her grandma's (I better get cutting cause she has a LOT of grandma's that love her)
Well i am late for work but i hope this helps you with some simple ideas for moms!

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