Monday, May 28, 2012

Munchkin Monday: Moon Dough

I have been seeing this stuff pop up everywhere so I decided to try making it on my own.  It is a mixture of playdoh and moon sand.  It is dough that can be left out and doesn't dry out.  Perfect for kids, right?  I hate pulling out the playdoh only to find a hard lump in there.  This stuff was super easy to make!  You can even have the chitlins help make it =)  I made it to keep my little guy and a couple kids I watch entertained.  It did the trick.  The only thing is is it can be a bit messy/ has the benefits of playdoh, but the messiness of sand....but it is still fun and if you make the kids play with it in a jelly-roll pan then most of the mess gets contained. =)

8 cups four
1 cup baby oil (to make it smell sweet, use the lavender =)  )

Combine until it makes a nice crumbly texture and will hold together when pressed.  If you need to add more or less flour/oil, feel free.

(this wasn't a complete batch....I didn't have quite 1 cup oil so I used about 3/4 cup oil and 6 cups flour) 

 I haven't experimented with colors so I'm not sure about those, but if you add colors, leave a comment and let me know how it turned out for you.

p.s.  Don't let the kids pour water into makes an ooey-gooey mess and ruins it......
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folkhaven said...

This sounds amazingly simple yet all kinds of fun! I wonder if you can substitute types of flour (we've recently gone gluten-free). I imagine I can figure out one way to find out! I'm pinning this.