Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Summer Fun Jars

Summer Fun Jars
Have you ever been lying around on a nice summer day wishing you had a fun idea to entertain your kids???
Yeah, we have too!
JeNae, Teresa, & Emily decided enough was enough!  So we came up with our Summer Fun Jars.  They are chocked full of lots of fun plans to do with the kiddo's this summer.  Some cost money, but many don't.
And of course we had to get a little creative and get our craft on!  Teresa & Emily used old baby formula cans and JeNae used a mason jar.  Whatever you use is perfect!

So we dug out a ton of scrapbook paper & went to town.  We included a clothespin the the front.  The plan is to choose the activity the day before and pin it on the front.  That way the kids know what awesome activity is coming up!
Here's JeNae's:



Such colorful little goodies inside =)

Here is our list (including links if possible):

Sew an Apron
Kids make dinner
Scavenger hunt
Go to movies
Go to splash pad
Go on a hike
Feed ducks
Picnic at park
Plant flowers
Learn about cheetahs
Learn about the animal Okapi
Make popsicles
Dollar store shopping spree
Get slurpees
Mini Tea Party
Slip n’ slide
Photo shoot
Water balloon fight
Make a fort & watch a movie
Campout in backyard
Campout in front room
Kids make cookies
Dig for dinosaur bones
Make s’mores
Ding-dong ditch with treats
Write letters to far away family
Make a book
Make sock puppets & put on a show
Make up a silly holiday (ex: donut day)
Make fruit loop necklaces
Play school
Fly a kite
Make kool-aid playdough
Go to Union Station in Ogden
Play on Library Computers
Take pictures with the 25th street horses in Ogden
Go to water park (classic water slides)
Go to a Splash Pad
Make a crazy dance and film it
Wash the car
Get Ice Cream from Artic Circle
Take a Trip on the Front Runner
Play in Sprinklers
Make Candy
Play soccer/kickball/baseball at the park
Paint a picture
Make Friendship Bracelet
Make Homemade Stilts
Make Ice Cream

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