Monday, May 21, 2012

Munchkin Monday: Superman Party

My son LOVES Super hero's! Everyday we have to play Super hero's.
This year for his 3rd birthday we had a superman party. I think the adults had just as much fun watching as the kids did playing.
Decorations for the party:
*I took a picture of my son playing superman and made it into a comic. I drew a comic from the picture i took but you can use photo shop. I took the picture and had it printed on paper. Ogden Blue Print will print them for you on paper they use for printing construction plans.
* I made the kids capes to wear out of t-shirts
you can find a link on how to make them here.

 We had super POWERS on food label's so all the super hero's would know what powers they were getting
improves laser vision
wonder dog (for hot dogs)
stronger muscles
fly faster...

 I made the superman cake, very easy.
The superman symbol i made out of craft foam and the kryptonite is sugar candy ( I am not going to post the recipe cause it did not taste good but it looked cook)

I colected boxes of all sizes to use for buildings. I used colored duck tape to wrap them in or you could paint them. The widows are tape too. 
Display your super hero action figures.
I found a comic book and cut it into triangles to make a banner for a photo corner. 
I made some wights out of a wood dowel and two toilets paper rolls and wrapped them in tape.

We had a friend come dresses as 
He was the best superman! The kids loved it. I looked for a superman costume for cheap but had no luck. My mom is AMAZING and she made his costume.(check out the built in muscles)
Superman came to teach the kids how to be super hero's.
 He taught them how to...
 Run fast
We had the kids run all over the house. If you do it outside you could have them run around trees 
 Be strong
The kids took turns lifting the weights

To fly
He started out with the kids laying on the ground and then they jumped off the stairs

How to blast the bad guys
We had some action figures that looked like bad guys. I set them up and the kids got to blast them with silly string. I think this was their favorite thing 

This is the bad guys after all the blasting. I don't think they are getting away.

After all the fun and games of learning to become a super hero. superman presented all the kids with certificates and a treat. He also brought the birthday boy a gift. He was so exited and still talks about how SUPERMAN came to his birthday party!

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Emily Robertson said...

That is so stinkin' cute Whitney! I love it! Great job!!!!

Sara Ballard said...

Looks like it was a fun time! My boys love anything super hero! I added the weights to my Wrapping Paper/Paper Towel/TP Up-Cycled Post. Thanks for sharing the great idea.