Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to Us!!!!!

Hey Friends!!!!
We totally just turned one!!!

In celebration of our big day we will be having a giveaway!

Here is how you can enter:
1. Leave us a comment telling us what your favorite post was this year!
2. Leave us a comment telling us you are a follower of our blog!

So you have 2 chances to enter!!!

Winner will be randomly picked on Monday after 8 pm MST so get your entries in!!!!!
(Giveaway now closed)

We also decided that since The Talented terrace Girls turned one, we needed to do a little celebration of our own!
So we had a sweet little party!
It was so much fun hanging out together!
Check out our yummy treats and fun festive decor:

Can't go wrong with goody bags, party hats, and party blowers!
(Do we always have to act our age???)

Balloons and streamers, pretty basic, but they just make a party a party!
(Most of these decorations were found at the $ store...go check out your local one for some killer deals)

You can never go wrong with a pinata!

Of course filled with yummy treats!

Here's what was on our food table...

Here we are toasting to the start of a fabulous new year!!!
JeNae, Teresa, Emily, Whitney, Trinity, Tiffany

The attire for the night was pajama's!!!
Why Teresa dresses like Hermione when she goes to bed...who knows???  But I loved it!!!

JeNae took all of our fabulous pictures for us!

This party involved lots and lots of girl talk!

Yes we played juvenile games.  Why???
Because it was fun and oh so funny!

Whitney even helped us glam up our toes!!!
Look for her tutorial here!

Thanks for sticking with us this year!!!!
And don't forget to enter our giveaway!!!!
(Giveaway now closed)

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Meleah said...

I have to pick just one post that I love? I love them all! But if I have to chose it is Foodie Friday: Ham & Pineapple Sandwich. Teresa and her mum have made these for me several times and I was soooo excited to be reminded of them and know how to make them myself! *yum*

Meleah said...

I have followed your blog since the very beginning and I love it!

Jason and Sarah :) said...

i follow your blog :)

Jason and Sarah :) said...

I love all the book art :) that was one of my favorite!

PureSafeandBeneficial said...

You guys are awesome! Wish I lived closer so I could be a Terrace girl too!

Zach and Kara Van Beekum said...

I follow your blog! And I love everything!

keshakeke said...

It is totally not easy to pick just one favorite thing I like most because I LOVE everything about your blog! I think my favorite would be the best cinnamon rolls ever or the homemade butterfinger bites! HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy!!!!!

keshakeke said...

I follow your blog via email

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

My favorite post was the chocolate ice cream bowls. Such an awesome idea!

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

I'm pretty sure I have been following your awesome blog since the beginning. Congrats on a whole year of being awesome!!

Erin said...

I follow your blog!

Erin said...

My favorite blog post was all the fun wreaths you talented girls made.

Amber said...

I love your blog! So fun and so practical!

Amber said...

I follow, too! :)


I enjoyed so many posts but one that sticked in my mind--it sounds fun when my child is bigger-- is the bubbles activity that Whitney posted last summer.

Liz DeVoss said...

I like all the cupcake posts, especially the wedding with hundreds of cupcakes.

Mel said...

I Love the pineapple ham sandwhiches!

Mel said...

I follow your blog!

Stephanie said...

All of you cute girls are amazing! I'm lucky to know each of you... My favorite post(s) were Whitney's corn starch with food coloring for side walk art was a blast and it washed away very easily and the kids had fun. I also Love anything Teresa does with the cupcakes:)

Nancy said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! I enjoy your competitions!

Tami said...

I follow your blog. I don't know why but I didn't knowing about this awesome blog until Just recently. Its fun! I will follow from now on!

Tami said...

My favorite blog post was Addy's superman birthday party. The kryptonite cake was SWEET!

kristi said...

Fun Blog!! Good job!