Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Theme Challenge:Chipboard!

For this month's challenge, Sherri gave us 3 sheets of chip board for us to try and make something spectacular out of. Scroll down to see what we all came up with, and PLEASE vote for your Favorite! Voting is DONE!
Talented Terrace Girl #1
A Recipe Book
Ok, so I was really stumped for like the first week after getting the chip board, but then the wheels started turning and I got an amazing idea! I had one of these recipe books already but is made with particle board instead of chip board. I figured that the chip board would probably still work ok and what do ya know it did! I ended up deciding to make one and I'm giving it to my sister for Christmas. These are pretty easy to make and super cute!
Talented Terrace Girl #2
Christmas Music Memory Game

I was pretty much stumped when it came to this months challenge. Three pieces of thin chipboard for this quasi-creative person??? I even searched the internet for some ideas, and found nothing that inspired me. I don't know how I thought of this project, but I'm glad that I did it!
I made a memory game.....but with a twist. With it being the Christmas Season, I decided to make a game that would correlate with the Celebration of all things Christmas.
The matches are pictures of Primary music songs with coordinating song verses. My kids had to figure out what picture went with what verse. And when we got a match, we sang the song. Loads of fun with the boys; I think we played at least ten rounds!
It was fun singing the different songs & playing with my boys!
WINNER! Tutorial
Talented Terrace Girl #3
Christmas Photobook!
Hey friends this is the coolest little book EVER!!! if i say so myself. This was a super fun book to make. It has the real binding and a cover. Vote for me so i can teach you how to make this fun book.
Talented Terrace Girl #4
Homemade Postcards

Yup....I was stumped too. It's amazing how something so simple, with so many possibilities can cause you to pull a complete blank. So after a few internet searches and brainstorming, I decided on this. We have lots of family that lives out of state so I thought it would be fun to be able to send them something "made with love."
Talented Terrace Girl #5
Baby Doll Bed
I have not been this stumped with any of the other items.....
After thinking and not being about to think of anything grand I finally put them out of sight cause I was getting frustrated with NO IDEAS.
My daughter loves babies and does not have a baby bed, so she uses her brothers tool box for her babies to sleep in. I decided to make her a bed for her baby, so the tools can go in the tool box. Still not grand but very LOVED!
Talented Terrace Girl #6
Glittered Tree Topper
Not so stumped here! I have been wanting to make this for awhile & now was the perfect oppurtunity. I love the 3D metal stars & it was SO easy to make this one out of cardboard! I love the look of it on my tree!!!!
Talented Terrace Girl #7
Reindeer Book
 I have wanted to make my daughter a reindeer book for awhile and this was the perfect opportunity! This book (or card) doubles as a creative way to report to Santa if your kids are being naughty or nice with a reversible ornament nose (stays red if kids are nice, changes to black if naughty). This craft is simple, VERY inexpensive, and fun for the little ones!

Talented Terrace Girl #8
A family cook-book
I made these recipe books for a recent family reunion. I asked our whole extended family to contribute their favorite recipes, then at the reunion, I gave each family member a copy of the book. It is something that we will keep and definitely use, especially when we need to remember our great aunt's dessert recipes!
Now here's your chanse to vote for your FAVORITE!!!!

*Voting will end on Dec 20th @ Midnight~Whoever wins, will show off how they made their project*

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