Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Thursday: Decorative Glass Blocks

These are a lot of fun to make and aren't too hard to do! I love making these and I'm debating on whether or not to make a few more to either keep for myself or to give away to others.

What you will need:
*A glass block with a cutout in the bottom- You can get these at Ben Franklin, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, or Home Depot
*A strand of clear lights (optional)
*Fun stuff to go inside
*Glass frosting (optional)- Should be at your local craft store
*Clear finishing spray (only if using glass frosting)
*Ribbon 2.5 or 3 inches wide

So on this one I put in a strand of lights then filled it with an assortment of pom poms. I then found a Santa ornament, removed the hook, and placed him carefully in the block. Next I put some cute Wired Christmas ribbon along the outside and created a cute bow of top. The final step is to clean the face of the block with Windex and then place your vinyl on and then WALAH! You now have a super cute new decoraton.

If you want to create one like this where you won't see anything inside, you will need to use what is called glass frosting. First you will need to spray the entire block with the glass frosting. After that make sure to spray the entire block with clear finishing spray. Once dry apply your vinyl. Next put in your lights. Then put your ribbon along the outside and your done! creating a block like this and using the glass frosting creates a soft glow when you turn on the lights.

Have fun creating!

I decided to piggyback my glass blocks onto Tiffany's post. =)  I actually got my idea to do some from her.  Mine aren't as fancy as hers, but I like to keep things simple.  I made these as gifts for my sister-in-laws for Christmas.  I had them each pick a quote they liked.  I did the glass frosting.  I think I may have gotten the wrong kind because it didn't frost them as dark as Tiffany's so I placed some vellum behind the glass to give it the right look.  I put my vinyl on and sealed it with modge podge (you don't need this if you follow Tiffany's instructions with the clear coat, but I didn't have it and the frosting wasn't working for me anyway so I had already added the vellum).  I also sprayed a thin coat of glitter on it (you can't see it with the lights on on but it makes it nice and pretty during the day when the lights are off).  I didn't add the ribbon because I am going to let my SIL's choose the color they want.  I wanted to add pom poms and lights, but then I figured that might not be a good idea....cloth and lights that may get a bit hot.....I didn't want to start any fires =)