Monday, December 5, 2011

Munchkin Monday : Donut Snowmen

It's DECEMBER!!!  In my book, once December hits, it's all Christmas :)

So, to start off the festivities of the Christmas & Winter Season, my kids & I made some yummy treats:

Donut Snowmen

Cute huh???  And even better to eat ;)

Want to make some?  Here's what ya'll will need:

*Lollipop sticks {I got mine at Joanns using a coupon}
*Donut Holes {I got mine from Walmart}
*Black Frosting {I cheated and bought the tube from Joanns-using a coupon}
*Twizzler Pull-n-Peel

These are super easy to make.  First, start stacking the donuts onto the lollipop stick.

Lick fingers.

Stack 3 donuts

Next, add your frosting.  One thing I found funny was that the frosting was not sticking to the powdered sugar donut.  So I had to poke my frosting tip into the donut, and essentially fill in the hole as I brought the frosting out.

To finish out your snowmen, tie one of the twizzlers around for a scarf.  And there you go; Instant Snowman.

And you can get creative and only give your snowman One eye, like one of my sons wanted.

My boys loved doing this.  We even wrapped some up to give to Grandparents.

So if you need a fun activity to do with your kids one afternoon, try this one out.



Emily Robertson said...

These are so cute JeNae!!! I think they would make fun neighbors gifts too =)