Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Thursday: Christmas Stocking Hanger

I have always been a bit disappointed that I don't have a fireplace to hang Christmas stockings on during Christmas time. I was sick of not being able to display our stockings during Christmas. I had seen shelves with hooks on them, to hang stockings on but I am pretty frugal, and paying $30-plus dollars on something that I could make myself, didn't seem worth it.

I was once a scrapbooker extraordinaire, and thus I have A LOT of supplies leftover. I decided to use all those leftover letter stickers and rub-ons for my hanger.
I found an old sign at the D.I., and painted it cream. I decided to use Christmas-themed words to embellish my board with, and then I stuck them to the board.
Then, I used some drawer pulls, that I got from Lowe's, for the hooks to hang the stockings on. So easy. The drawer pulls were about 75 cents each. It was so simple to attach the the pulls, I simply drilled a hole, and inserted a screw. SIMPLE!!
The finished product: It took me all-of 45 minutes to complete, and it saved me about $20-$25 dollars!
Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Triny Kay said...

i thought about doing something like this since i have no place to hang stockings =) now i just need to find a place to hang something like this =)

Tanya said...

That turned out so great! I love it! Maybe I will try something like that for ours. We have 7 stockings to hang though so maybe I should make 2?

clairesmom05 said...

Sherri! I love it! I fully expect to see that hanging up when I come over :)