Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday : Halloween Fun Necklace

So you have had 12 hours to LOOK at this fun necklace have you figured out how to make it yet???  

NO,  well I guess i will type up some info to help you learn to make your own!!

I have always wanted a fun necklace like this but never knew how to make it and was overwhelmed to try cause i didn't want to mess it up then i realized I had some extra Halloween and suddenly I had a necklace after only 1 hr of work and some little hands trying to "help". 
Jump rings (or make your own)
20-16 gauge wire 

I took the long wire and wrapped it around my round nose pliers (for jewelry making) then slide the bead onto it the long part. Make 1 more loop out of the wire and then cut, or cut first then roll. You pick the easy way for you! You don't have to wrap the ends around itself just make sure there are no gaps between the wire pieces. Then attached 3 jump rings to make the links and start again

One trick i have found is when you are making the loop on either side of the bead once you have wrapped the wire if you bend it backwards a little it will straighten your loop so it wont be off centered.

This is how i try to craft!! yes he is cute but really not a lot of help! 

I don't like to model my own things cause i have issues :) so i picked a much cuter model than me!!! she doesn't really get to wear this it is just for this picture. This necklace is MINE!!!!