Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wildcard Wednesday: Spooktacular Halloween Blocks

So last year I found this super cute Halloween craft here but I never had time to make it.  So this year I got my behind in gear and got 'er done.  I was super excited for how they turned out and they will make a lovely addition to my halloween decor.  And since I was super nice, I told a bunch of people (including the rest of the girls on the blog) that I would get the vinyl and blocks for them so they could make it too....all they had to do was pitch in to cover the supplies (now don't you wish you had a friend like me? =)  ) 

I love how these are the perfect size to sit on my dvd shelf =)  One of the best things about this is it is made of 2x4's (and you can have the nice people at the hardware store cut them for you)

Get your 2 x4 cut into an 18 inch (the base), 10 inch, 9 inch, and 2 8 inch pieces.  I got mine at Home Depot and had them cut the sizes I needed.  It's amazing how many people will ask you if they can help when a pregnant woman is walking around a hardware store.....anyway.....I used my cricut to cut out the vinyl faces.  I mixed and matched parts from several different cartridges.  But if you don't have a cricut (or sillouette), you can easily cut out simple shapes or trace things to make your faces......or if you are super artistic you can paint them on.

Sand the rough edges and then paint.  

I also did a light coat of white on the mummy block just in case my gauze was a bit see through.
After I stuck the vinyl on, I wrapped my mummy.  I glued the gauze down once in awhile with a glue gun.  

Also, I didn't want my mummy to be pure white (have you ever seen a mummy emerge from a tomb sparkling white? ) So I mixed some brown paint with water and then dipped my gauze in it, let it soak and then wrung it out.  It had some spots that were darker, which added to the effect.

(you can't really see much in the picture but it looks dirty in real life)

Here is my Frankie =)  I wanted a bit of dimension so I added some googly eyes. 

My Pumpkin's top was looking bare so I pulled out some leaves from some of my fake flowers from flower clips I had made ( I knew there was a reason I was keeping the leaves)

Then I searched my yard and found a little stick to glue on the top....viola!  a pumpkin top

Then I put my vinyl wording on the  front of my base. I liked the lettering crooked, since Halloween crafts always look better a little rugged (and I have issues putting things on straight so it was perfect for me!)

And of course seal it with mod podge.  I put mod podge over all the faces too.
You can glue your boards onto the black board to keep them in place, and then I would recommend screwing them in from the bottom to make sure they stay in place.

I hope you have  a SPOOKtacular Halloween!!!


Crystelle said...

You are soooo right! I DO wish I had a friend like you.....

Well, friend, I think ti turned out super whimsy funky! Love the eyes on Mr. Pumpkin.....
And the eyes on Mr. Mummy are hilarious....

Happy Halloween!