Monday, October 29, 2012

Munchin Monday: Play make up

My 2 year old loves to watch me put on my make-up and always has to have some on. 
I have been collecting my empty make-up containers so I can make some for her to use.
Step one: empty out all the make-up, clean and dry well
Step 2: decide what colors you want your make-up to be(I just used what nail polish I already had) Dump enough nail polish in each container that is covers the bottom.
Step 3: What little girl doesn't like sparkles, so I sprinkled some sparkle on top. Let dry over night. Mine way really strong smelling so I put it outside or use the garage.
Step 4: get some brushes and let the PLAYING begin
 I even saved some empty lip gloss so she could have a complete set of make up. 
She had played with them for hours and LOVES them!

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