Monday, October 22, 2012

Munchkin Monday: Learning -At Words with Halloween Bats

Last year I made some bats with different -at words to help my daughter learn new words. She was a little young for it then, but we pulled them out again this year and had a great AND educational time playing games with them!

Have fun learning all those -at words with these fun Halloween bats!

Playtime ideas:
  • Place bats around the room. Shout out one of the at words, and have your kiddo run and find the bat with that word. If your child found the correct bat, do a happy bat dance! If not, encourage and cheer them on until they do!
  • Play a batty game of I spy.  "I spy a word that begins with c  and ends with the -at sound. Can you find it?"
  • Once your child has mastered a word, hang that bat from the ceiling above their bed. Praise your little one for reaching to the sky! And just think, they will be waking up to -at words each morning! Yay for literacy!! :)
  • Hang bats all over the backyard. Take a nerf gun and go on a bat hunt! After your child spots a bat, have them yell out the word and then shoot it down! We had a BLAST doing that this year!
Happy Teaching!

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