Monday, October 15, 2012

Munchkin Monday: Paper Plate Pumpkins

I am always looking for fun things I can do with kids.  I saw this paper plate pumpkin on pinterest and I thought it would be fun for the twins I watch to do.  I didn't know how well they would do with art projects since they are just barely 3, but I wanted to try anyway.  They did better than I thought and I think they had fun.

Here is what you need.
-Paper plates (1 for each child)
-orange, black, and green, construction paper
-glue sticks

I started by rip pieces of orange construction paper and had the twins glue it on the paper plate.  Then I cut out a green stem for them to glue on.  I then cut out different shapes for them to glue on for the face of the pumpkin or jack o lantern.  Then Team Umizumi came on tv and they decided they were done.  Oh well they are 3 and there attention span is only so long.  I am sure as they get older and more exposed to arts and crafts things like this will go a lot better.  I am all about exposure and repitition. 

I think older kids would enjoy this as well.  They could cut out their own face and make it how they want. 

Here are some pictures from it. 

Cade and Cole

Here is there finished project.  I think they did well.  I didn't want to force them to finish.  To them it was done. :)

Here is what I was going for. 

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