Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Tim Tam Slams

Some might be wondering if i am going to tell you an awesome new mixed drink to enjoy when the kids are in bed, or maybe I am making things up again to make myself happy! I might even be so sleep deprived that I think this is a normal thing to say to greet someone :) 

Really a Tim Tam Slam was introduced to me by my husband! And he learned about this amazing treat from his Australian friends. (Now my friends too, HI Rochelle!) 
Tim Tams are a kind of cookie that is made in Australia. For a long time you could only get these cookies if you knew someone from there or if you paid way more than you should online. But now Pepperidge Farms makes these amazing cookies and sells them at Target!!!!! 
Here is the description of the cookies from Pepperidge Farms website Layers of crisp cookie and delectable crème are covered in rich, chocolatey fudge. No wonder they’re Australia’s favorite cookie! 

Now how do you make a Tim Tam into a Tim Tam Slam???
First you need to get yourself a cold glass of milk if it is warm out, or a cup of hot chocolate if it is cold. If it is super late and you need a pick me up toss me around and never let me down then you may get yourself an energy drink, Scott says a chocolate one is best, not saying he has done it with energy drinks, but if he had that is the one he would choose ;)

Now bite your cookie's opposite corners off! just a little bit to make sure you are into the wafer. 

Now stick your cookie's bit corner into the drink and suck it through the cookie like a straw!! Yep you read that right. Your bit corners are now a straw. If you are drinking milk or a cold energy drink you can just enjoy the straw for a couple of swallows then you will proceed to eat your amazing cookie. If you are drinking the hot chocolate...... let me just remind you what happens with a hot drink going through a chocolate cookie! Yes it melts it..... SO the trick is....Suck and as you feel the cookie melting proceed by throwing the whole cookie into your MOUTH! Yes the whole thing and then eat and enjoy. 
These Slams are a sugar overload and oh soooooo amazing. There are not a lot of cookies in the package, but don't worry you can probably only Slam 2-3 of these bad boys before you stop the intake. 

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