Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Wreath-Kayla's first post

Yes we know today is a Foodie Friday, but today we are switching thing up-again! Recently we have had a few of our girls need to leave the blog to focus on other stuff in their lives (which we totally understand and still love them! =)  )  So we decided we needed to add another girl to the mix.  So here is our new addition to the blog!  We are excited to have her and look forward to having lots of fun with her!  She is a super cute and fun girl and we know you will love her as much as we do!

I am Kayla Sherman.  I feel really honored that I got asked to be an author on this blog.  I wouldn’t really describe myself creative or great crafter, cook or do it yourselfer.  I do however enjoy it.  I think that’s what counts right. 
I have been married for almost a year to my husband Ben.  We bought a house right before getting married and have spent the last year fixing up it as we have had time and money.  It is still a work in progress but it at least feels like home now. 
I have discovered that I really do like to cook and bake.  I hated baking and cooking before I got married because I had to clean up the kitchen to my mom’s standards (Which is hard to do).  I now can clean it when I please and to my own standards.  I am really loving crafting too because I have a house I can decorate.  I also like to bike ride, roller blade and run.  I am an organizer.  I love to have things organized.  I love finding things in my house to organize and make it more efficient and neat (Although my house doesn’t always stay organized because life gets busy).
Right now I am currently a nanny for a 5 month old baby and occasionally these adorable 3 year old twin boys.  I have been a nanny for several other families as well.  Sadly kids grow up and no longer need babysitters.   I love kids.  I am kid at heart.  I love to find activities for kids to do.  I am excited to one day have kids of my own. 

When I told my husband that I got asked to be an author of this blog, he suggested I could use this fall wreath I had been working on.  I am really excited about how it turned out.  I got my idea from pinterest.  Which can be found here.  I liked this wreath a lot but it shouted Halloween and I wanted more a fall wreath that I could hang up more than the month of October.

Supplies needed:
-Wire wreath(I found mine at Michaels
-Fabric Scissors
-Patterned fall fabric(I got a yard which ended up being too much)
-Accent colors to match the patterned fabric(I had 5 accent colors and got 1/3 of a yard of each)
-Ribbon (to hang up wreath)

1. I first cut all the fabric up in strips.  I would suggest making the stripes 3/4inch by 6 inches.  Some of my stripes were smaller and they didn't look as good.  I wish I would have made them all the same.  I also cheated by cutting a small snip into the fabric and tore it.  It made for straighter strips and less time consuming.
2. Once all the fabric was cut I began tying the strips onto the wreath.  I wish I would have started with the middle wires instead of doing a section at a time. 
3. Once the wreath was filled with the strips I started fluffing the fabric. I decided where more strips were needed.  I found that by pushing the strips together and adding more strips the wreath looked more fluffy and stayed fluffy. 
4.  I then took my ribbon and made a loop by tying to the back of the outer most wire, so I could hang it on my door hook.  

Wired Wreath
Cute Patterned Fabric

Stripes and accent colors

Finished Product

Close up


Emily Robertson said...

Super cute!!!! So glad you are with us now =)

Anonymous said...

cute wreath but I want to see the dress you wore in your picture please it looks cute.


Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes said...

Your project is featured this week at It's Fall Y'all ~ Linky Party. Have a great day :)

Kayla Sherman said...

I can send you a picture of one of my bridals. I need your email. Sorry I just saw this comment.