Monday, September 10, 2012

Munchkin Monday. Cute Loopy Bow

Last month us Terrace Girls as well as a few of other friends got together and did a bow exchange. It is so much fun to see what everybody ends up making! I thought I would go ahead and show how I made the ones I did They are easy, but a little time consuming!

Cute Loopy Bow

What you will need:
4 different kinds of ribbon
alligator clips
hot glue gun
jewel, button, or any other kind of small item to put in the center

Step 1: Cut an 8 inch long ribbon and 6 inch long ribbon from each color

Step 2: Loop and glue the ribbon to resemble the breast cancer symbol

Step 3: Form a flower like shape by hot gluing all the bigger loops together

Step 4: Repeat step 3 using the smaller loops. You now have one big flower and one small flower

Step 5: Glue the small flower inside the big flower

Step 6: Hot glue your jewel, button, brad or whatever it is your using in the center

Step 7: Glue on to your clip and you now have a cute new hair bow!

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Carol Vaughn said...

I especially like the star one! I do have one do you keep from burning your fingers on the glue while putting everything together? I know, silly question, but I'm a novice glue-gunner and every time I use one, I seem to burn (and blister) my fingers!