Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Thursday: Fablifyit: Trick or Treat

I got to do another fun post for Fabdecor!!!! These are some of the cutest and simplest projects i have gotten to do in a long time. I have used all the paper products i have been hoarding and waiting to use. My husband will be happy the paper supply is depleting and not increasing like normal. :)
Can I just say Melissa is super cute! She will be selling some of her completed projects at a boutique this weekend go meet her and check out her fun things. She also has some fun soap dispensers and faces on a really good sale too!
For this project i was ....a little tiny bit stressed, lazy, assuming, or maybe just being well...Me! So I didn't take the before or during pictures cause, well I think you guys have seen naked wood before and I didn't want to post "those" kinds of pictures on this post. :)
(can you tell I am tired while posting again?)
I love working with the Wood from Melissa. Why you ask? Well can you say soft and sanded wood! I can say it and I can work with it, but when i try to do something on my own or make my husband cut some wood for me ours is so not soft and sanded. I think I will need to order my wood from her just so I can never have a sliver AGAIN! Thanks Melissa for making your wood such a pleasure to work with!

I painted my naked wood with some bright purple to match the or and the bats. Then I mixed the 2 colors of vinyl I had and keeping my Trick, Treat green and leaving my or and bats purple.
Then i picked some crazy paper from my old stash of Stampin Up and measured and cut to size.
What kind of glue do you guys use to glue the paper on???? I have always used Mod Podge until a friend of mine asked why don't you just use elmers??? well....... I dont know so I totally used Elmers and I will let you know if I have problems. :)
Do you want your own set for free??? Go to Fablifyit and enter to win some FAB things!!
 I also had some fun halloween ribbons in a cute pack and thought the orange balls matched this great so i hot glued the ribbon on and TADA totally done.

 Dont forget to enter the GIVEAWAY we need one of our readers to WIN!!!!

Good Night or Good Morning depending on your reading time :)

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