Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey! I'm Sherri...and

I am Sherri. My husband's name is Nathan, and we have a 4-year old son, Brooklyn. Nathan and I have been happily married for 7.5 years. me!

I am currently attending Weber State persuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Fine Art Photography. I feel like I will NEVER be done with school. In my spare time, I enjoy crafting, cooking desserts, (Nate is the gourmet chef around here. Even though I like to cook regular food, desserts are SO MUCH more fun right??) gardening, reading, music and movies. Nate. I seriously cannot find a good picture of him. He ducks out of every photo, and hates to get his picture taken! But he loves football, and so I convinced him to let me take this one. Ha ha!

This is Brooklyn, a.k.a. Brooky, Brooky-pants or Brook-ster. He is so fun! He also gets sick of me taking photos of him, so it is a rarity to find one of him where he is not making a silly face. He cracks us up. He is OBSESSED with Batman.Just a little about me. I am so excited to be a part of this blog! I can't wait to get good ideas from all of you, and get to know you all better. I love blogging...this is one of 4 blogs that I have/work on!