Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday: Wedding+Cupcakes=Catering

I love to make cupcakes as you all have probably figured out. Alot of my friends tell me to open a storefront, but that takes money which most of us in America don't seem to have extra of. 

The story of this wedding is my friend Michelle (she might be JeNae's sister) got engaged!! YAY she then priced cupcakes from some local bakeries. The first one that she likes, too expensive. The second she doesn't like so why price it? (but more than the first). My friend Michelle LOVES her cupcakes so she came to me and said....."Teresa YOU make the BEST cupcakes will you cater my wedding? (insert eyelashes batting right here) There is no one who makes them as good as you (smiles sweetly)"

After much deliberation, a new STOVE (a true convection), new cupcake pans, a sweet new beater for my KitchenAid, 2 days off work, and a very supportive husband and parents. The cupcakes were MADE!! and there were over 500!

Us hard at work! 

The cupcakes on their tables where we worked our magic. This room smelled like straight SUGAR when we were finished frosting the cupcakes.

A few fun pics as we worked

Cupcake Wars???

Funfetti                                            Orange Creamsicle

Maple Bacon

Well this was my first adventure of catering and selling my cupcakes. I really enjoyed it!! and would be open to doing it more. I hope you all don't get a sugar high just from reading this fun post!!

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Cindy said...

i want to have an event so you can cater it for me!

The Stephens Family said...

Mmmm...I'm seriously drooling looking at these photos!

Shirley said...

Yellow with chocolate frosting always beckons to me, but I love the look of the funfetti!