Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY Thursday : Turkey & Ribbon Applique Shirt

I love it when I see something, feel inspired, and then go out & make something.  That's what I did with this project.  I had seen this shirt pinned and I knew that I wanted to make it for Madison.

Follow along to see how I put mine together, and if you feel inspired to make one of your own, let us know, I would love to see pictures posted to our Facebook page!

Turkey & Ribbon Applique Shirt

Materials Needed:
Brown Shirt {or any color really}
Fabric-for the Turkey body
Fusible Interfacing
Various Ribbons
Black & Yellow Puff Paint

So like I said, when I saw this I felt immediately inspired to make one for Madison.  So while we were at Wal-Mart, I grabbed a brown shirt.  Granted, it's from the boys side {because they didn't have one in her size in the Girls section}, but I figured since I was making it girly, it would be ok.

Then I grabbed some brown fabric that I had leftover.  I love being able to re-use scraps of fabrics for other projects.  For the pattern part, I took some freezer paper and sketched out a bowling pin-looking shape.  I then ironed the freezer paper to the fabric {instead of using pins}, and then cut out two of the shapes.

Next, I went to my ribbon box.  If you've got girls, then you've probably got ribbon from making all sorts of bows.  I decided on 7 different types of ribbon.  This is the fun part where you can choose what you want.

I cut all my strips 8 inches long.  From there I twisted them, and would pin them various distances from the edge of the fabric.

All pinned up-front facing view {what you'll see on the shirt}

After pinning, I sewed around the entire turkey to keep all the ribbon in place.

I then cut out a piece of the fusible interfacing and ironed it onto the backside of the turkey {not pictured}.  I then layed the other piece of fabric and ironed the two together.  This sandwiches the ribbon between the two fabrics.

Then, I cut out another piece of interfacing and ironed it onto the back of the turkey.

From there, I ironed the whole thing onto the shirt really good.  I made sure to really iron it good considering the heat needed to go through a couple layers to fuse to the shirt.

I then zig-zagged around the entire turkey.

I made sure to zig-zag over the edge.  From there, I picked out the original stitch I had done to hold the ribbon in place.  I figured with the zig-zag stitched holding everything together, I didn't need the ugly stitch.

For the eyes & nose, I just used some puff paint that I had-give that extra dimension of cuteness.

And there you have it....A cute Thanksgiving shirt for your little Turkey!


Triny Kay said...

soooo cute! i think that's even something that i could do with my non-existant sewing skills =)