Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday: Craft room lamp Re-Vamp How to:

This project was SO fun to make! I love re-vamping things. Sometimes (I mean all the time!!) it annoys my husband...because I stop at every yard-sale and bring home "JUNK" as he calls it. I call the "JUNK" a "future project".

This lamp was originally meant for my craft room. I just didn't really care for it. This month's challenge, was to use a pattern, from the DI, and create a project. I DO NOT sew, so I was a little nervous. I kept taking the pattern out of the package, trying to decide what to make with it, and then...

IT HIT ME. I thought "How awesome would that lamp be, if I re-covered it with this pattern!" Ahhhh! So I got to work.
The first thing I did was I decided what I wanted to show through the pattern. I liked all the words and I liked how the brand-name (McCalls) showed through. The lamp shade was a nasty fuschia color, but when it was covered up with the pattern, the light shining through it made it look fabulous! I wrapped the pattern around the lamp shade, and secured it with 3M double sided craft tape. Before I secured the pattern in place, I pulled all the wrinkles I could out of it.

I made sure that I secured all the edges of the pattern with the tape, so that it wouldn't get caught on stuff in the future.

Then, I took the top egdes of the pattern and folded them down, until there was only about 1/2 inch of pattern hanging above the top rim of the lamp shade. Then I folded them down, inside the lamp shade, and secured them with the tape as well. I also used a few glue dots, because the tape was stubborn! Then I repeated this to the bottom of the shade.

Once the pattern was secure, and all the edges were taped down, I tied some black lace in a bow around the lamp shade.

Not too hard at all! It didn't take too long, and the finished re-vamp is going to look great in my NEW CRAFT ROOM!