Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Thursday: T-Shirt Scarf

Hey don't forget to VOTE for our Nov challenge which project is your favorite??? you like that scary picture of me??? I was trying to smile with my eyes, but it looks more like I am ready to eat somebody. Hehehe.
Anywho...I saw this tutorial on how to make a fun scarf out of a t-shirt and knew I needed to try it!

Quite conveniently Matt had a shirt that had a hole in it & I decided to try this pronto! I also liked that this shirt had a fun stripe & was gray =)
First I measured out circles with a bowl and cut them out.

Then I started to cut them into spirals.

Easy Peasy!

I ended up with 12 circles, so I grouped them into 2 groups of 6.
And stitched the ends of each group together, on one side.

Then I stitched those 2 ends together.

I took a small scrap that was leftover and tied it around the middle to hide the stitches.
And here are some fun ways to wear it =)
(Pardon my boring t-shirt. I was in a comfy mood)
I am such a nerd!

Teresa also helped model for me! She took the pictures for me =)
She is wearing a much cuter shirt to model!
You should totally go and make one. Super fun, and super easy!!!!


Mooners said...

Your posts are my fav i always seem to be mentioned and it makes me feel so LOVED. But really i wanted to tell people this scarf is SUPER SUPER quick and simply. Em and I chatted while she quickly whipped it up i was totally impressed with the speed and ease of this fun scarf.

Danielle said...

love the scarf:>I'd love for you to link up to my linky party