Monday, September 30, 2013

Spider Fun

I love Halloween and all the decorations and costumes that go with it :) Today's post is all about spiders. We are going to make 2 spiders today and both are super easy and inexpensive.

Lets start with our wooden spider
you will need-
a short length of 2x4
wire (guage16 or smaller, you can use a wire coat hanger)
wire cutters
hot glue gun
and small circles for eyes (I made mine out of sculpty)

Here are your measurements. I will explain it simple now.....take a 2x4 board and cut it about 2 1/2-3 inches long. Yep it is that easy. :)

Sand and paint your block/blocks. I painted mine neon yellow.
then drill 4 small holes on the side of your spider. The ends that have been cut.
Now attach your eyes there are many options. Googley eyes, a wooden circle painted to look like eyes or make your eyes out of sculpty (I did sculpty so I didn't have to paint)
I hot glued my eyes on
now lets focus on those legs.
Cut your wire about 5-6 inches and make 8 lengths.
This part is the tricky part. You need to have 3 bends for each leg and the twist for the feet
lets start at the feet-make a small twist and then bend the wire up so your twist can sit flat on the surface. Once you bend your leg up let that length (the main height) be about 2-3 inches long then bend to over about 1 inch and then you should have a smidge left to bend down into your drilled hole.
that sounds confusing so lets just say you want a little to stick into the hole and then you want the rest of the leg to bent how it looks in the picture :)
Glue each leg into place so it doesn't fall.

Pipe Cleaner Spider
There are your instructions :) simple and fun

I love hanging the spiders off frames and my wall clock. Every time I check the time on the clock it makes me smile :)

Here is my fun holiday shelf. This is the main place I decorate every season. I had told some of the other girls about my shelf and they wanted to see it.