Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monster Wreath

This was such a fun wreath to make. It was super easy too! Basically if you can tie a knot you can do this.
Here were my supplies...,.I used a coupon on the tulle and the ring and got the eyes at the dollar store so it cost less than $10....much better than the $30 people were charging on etsy.....

First, cut your tulle into strips.  they neex to be about 12 inches long.  Long enough to tie in a knot around the ring and have some sticking out.  

Next, tie them in knots all around the ring.  You have to push them together every once in awhile so you can get them packed in tight.

If you are working with tulle that has ends up everywhere....I made the mistake of doing this while sitting on the couch watching a show....I had glitter allover me, all over the baby, a trail of it through the house.....

Here was it with everything tied.  It's kinda fluffy =)

I glued the eyes on with hot glue and then cut the mouth out of white felt (foam actually works better but I didn't have any on hand and was impatient).  I realized that I did it crooked so I had to add another eye.  And he was looking a little shaggy so I had to trim some of my tulle.

I have been wanting a fun Halloween wreath and now I have one!!  and I also have an idea of dong some tulle wreaths for Thanksgiving and Christmas so stay tuned for those!!!