Monday, September 16, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Family Traditions

 I thought I would take a some time today and talk about one of our family traditions that we do with our kids. But first, I want to take you through a little of what happened with my lovely children this week. 
 In case you can't tell, that's diaper cream. I saw them at first on the couch being very quiet and painting each others faces with it. And the couch. Ahhhh!! Yes I still took a picture, it was to funny to miss. But we are still trying to remove the cream from the couch. So any ideas you have would be appreciated.

Now onto our tradition! I love going to the State Fair, always have. The fried food, smelly animals, and not so great entertainment just makes me happy. So of course the boys have been going with us since they were born. Our oldest came for the first time just a little after three months after he was born.
So how we commemorate our time is caricatures! It is such a fun way to document growing up and a fun family time. Above is the man who has done it every year so far.
 Here is 2010.
And this year. Aren't they fun? We are still working on ideas of how to display them but until then just having them done every year is such a blast. So what is your family tradition? If you can't think of one, start one! Make memories with your kids that they will remember throughout their lives. It doesn't have to be complicated to be memorable.


Natalie Talbot said...

This is a really cute idea! Just curious, about what does it cost to have this done?

Leanne Smith said...

Thanks. :) It does get a little pricey. The guy we go to charges $13 a person for black and white, $17 a person for color. But then again, once a year it's not so bad.