Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY Thursday: Bridal Shower Invites or Wedding Card

I am throwing my best friend a bridal shower and wanted to make her invites using my Silhouette Cameo.  I love my Silhouette Cameo.  For those that don't know what a Silhouette Cameo is it is a electronic cutting machine.  It can cut a variety of media including paper, cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer paper and so much more.  It is like the CriCut but better.  The thing I like the most about the Silhouette is there is no need to buy expensive cartriges.  The Silhouette has an online store where you can buy designs for 99 cents.  I have only bought designs I want and need for my projects.  The online store also features a free design each week. 

I went to craft store looking for white envelopes for my cards.  I ended up with something better.  I found white envelopes with pre fold 5x7 cards. (unfolded 10x7)  I then went on my computer and found a cute wedding card design.  I found a cute flower wedding dress.  I edited it to fit my 5x7 cards.  I then put my white 5x7 card on my mat and loaded it into my silhouette.  The silhouette did the rest.  After it was all cut out I folded the card.  I then glued a colored 4.5x6.5 inch cardstock to the inside of the card.  I then typed up the wording for the invite in microsoft word and formatted it to be a bit smalled than the colored 4.5x6.5 cardstock.  I cut out the wording and glued it onto colored cardstock.  Super easy and cute homemade invite.

The best thing about purchasing designs on the Silhouette is the image is yours.  I can now use it on other projects.  This design could be also used to make a homemade wedding card. 


funky brewster said...

love the design so cute!

Just wondering from the pictures I can not tell you said you typed up the info and glued it to color card stock. Could you see the writing through the flower dress or did you create a card inside with the color stock?

Danielle Kenitz said...

Did you buy that shape from the Sil. store? Or from somewhere else?