Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Thursday: My Little Pony Birthday Cake

So this year when I asked my daughter what kind of birthday cake she wanted she immediately replied saying she wanted a my little pony cake. I know my mom used to make us all sorts of character cakes for us kids when I was growing up so I asked her exactly how she did it and I went ahead and used her idea:) It was pretty easy and my daughter ended up really enjoying her cake which of course is the most important thing of all!

 Isn't it cute!

My little pony cake tutorial:

I first started by finding a picture of a my little pony character off the internet. You can also use one out of a coloring book if you can find a my little pony coloring book.

 I traced the outline of it on the back of the paper and then divided the picture up by equal spaced lines both vertically and horizontally.

I then traced the outline of my pan and then drew the outline of the pony using my scale I created. My pan was a large one, I think maybe a 12x15 or something like that, but I know that you can also use two round cake pans and create your shape that way as well.  Either way you are going to use to cake mixes.

 Bake your cake, lay it out on a cookie sheet and then place your outline on the cake. You will then cut around the outline to get your shape. This works best if you freeze the cake prior. It will also make frosting the cake easier as well.

 I then frosted the whole cake with some homemade strawberry buttercream frosting, focusing on barely covering the tail and maine area since I would be adding more frosting to those areas.

I outlined the shape of the pony using a red colored gel-You know the kind you can write with.

I then piped some more pink and then some purple frosting over the mane and tail area. I also used some purple to make a cutie mark for the pony.

The final step was to make the eye. I ended up drawing the eye on some paper and then carefully placing it on the cake.

Now you know how to create your own My Little Pony cake for that little special gal in your life! Any questions feel free to ask away:)