Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wild Card Wednesday: Behavior Chart

I don't know about all you mom's out there but I am always trying to find something fun and new to help my children do their best and be good. I have tried lots of different things but at a young age, I always come back to the wonderfully fun sticker charts. I was sick of the chart-look of the sticker chart, put the sticker in the boring box. So this is what I decided to do this time. 
I drew a race track for my son and got some car stickers and when the road is all full of cars then they can get their reward whatever you choose that to be. 
 For my daughter I drew a flower garden without the flowers, so when she did what she needed to, she got a flower to complete her flower garden. 
 This is another chart that I really liked. I cut all different colors of ice cream scoops, laminated them with a little bit of Velcro on the back. Now when they do what they need to you give them an ice cream scoop. You can have it so when they get so many then they get a reward. What we have at our house is mom's store. This is a basket that I have with lots of dollar store toys and treats. When Friday comes we get to go shopping at mom's store. Everything has a tag on it that says how much it is so we use the ice cream scoops like dollars. This helps them to recognize the numbers.

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