Monday, January 7, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Monster & Mohawk hats

I hope you are all starting your new year off with a bang! Over at the Moon house we are loving having our dad home in the evenings. Kids are still loving their new toys must mean the presents matched them well. The mom (Teresa) is getting ready to celebrate my 30th birthday so I decided I was going to go in style :) I made a list of 30 things to do before I am 35!!!! I will have to share my list with you guys so you can keep me going and checking things off. So far I have 3-4 already in the works to get done before summer hits.

But before I can get to checking off things I need to finish making fun Monster & Mohawk hats to keep us warm. 

My baby loves growling and raw-ring like a monster so what better way to help that craziness than with a monster hat :) Upon searching Pinterest I found this site for cute monster hats!
I love the instructions for this hat but there were a few things that I had to mess up  clarify or tips to help.
The pattern pieces are printed onto 2 papers and meaning you are supposed to tape the 2 sides together to make the front or back of the hat.  When I went to tape them together they were different sizes so I just picked the larger sized pattern. Then where I was supposed to tape it I would put it onto the fold of the fabric. In other words take the hat pattern and put onto the folded fabric. :)
Remember the stretch of the fabric needs to go across the hat not vertical. From ear to ear, so the fold goes up stretch goes across.
Really onhandbyhand does an awesome job with her tutorial.
Here is how I altered the pattern to make my 7 yr old a Mohawk hat. I cut the 4 hat patterns and the mohawk piece measuring 6x8-10 inch. I made my son the large hat and the piece of mohawk was almost too big at 10 so if you are making a smaller hat adjust as needed. 
 Sew the hats into 2 hats up their main outside. The inside liner hat can be finished completely with the short cross stitch. But the main outside hat needs to be paused at this point. The outer hat is stitched up the outside  but the cross stitch looks like a little V. You need to cut that V longer so that you can stick the "Hair" part of your mohawk. Cut about 1-2 inch down in the front and then cut the back down about 3-4 inches
 Now after cutting the V deeper I put the "hair into the slot. Leave the hat with the seams on the outside (inside out) then take your "hair fold it in half and stick the fold coming out of the V. You want the "hair" on the inside of the hat and the fold flush with the hat. The above picture is the "hair" pinned into place ready to sew. Notice you can't really see much of the fold sticking out and you can see NONE of the "hair"
 As you are sewing the seam to hold the "hair" into place you will notice it starts abruptly on the hat so I just tapered my stitch so it would sit nice on the head. The taper is shown in the above picture
 Here is the hat after I have turned it and stitched the inside seam by hand to close it off. Notice I still haven't cut the fringe on the hat. I wait to do that last so it doesn't get in my way or tickle my hands. Okay really can you imagine trying to sew the "hair" and keep the fringe in place and not stitched over itself? Now I just cut the hair down and leave it a little space before you cut the hat. :)
Here is a pill of hats the monster ones still need the hats sewed they have their faces not the hat part. The mohawk hats are ready to be worn the red one has 4 inch "hair" and I think that is just a little too long. I can't wait to make my son 1 more with 2 inch "hair" (4x10 piece). It will be a little more spiky.

Enjoy and try not to go over board like me. I have made 3 mohawk hats and 10 monster hats with 2 more under construction. I even made myself a teal hat and I need to make one for my husband. When making them into adult size just use the large pattern and cut it about 1 inch larger all the way around the hat. So if you are watching the winter XGames January 24-28 watch for us :) Yes for my 30 birthday I decided I wanted to go the the freezing mountains and watch skiers and snowboarders!!! I am soooooooo excited I just can't wait. Also the XGames completes one of my 30 things before 35!

 I just can't wait to see the crazy jumps and intense speed.

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