Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Thursday: Tutu

My daughter loves to play dress-up but being 7 years old, and as tall as most 9 year olds are, makes it hard to find dress up stuff.  She got a tutu last year from her grandparents and she loved it....but it was way too short.  So this year for Christmas ( I know this is posting after Christmas but I wanted to make sure all the Christmas themed crafts got posted, and this is something good for anytime) I decided to make her a tutu myself. This was super easy!  And all the materials are easy to find.  I just grabbed mine at good ol' Wally World (Walmart) but all of the stuff can be found at any craft store (and they will have more variety of tulle but I was lucky and Walmart had the exact colors I was looking for)

Depending on how long you want to make your skirt hang will determine how much tulle to get.  I knew I wanted mine long so I got 4 rolls. If you are doing this for a much younger/shorter child, you can easily do it with just a few, or get as many colors as you want and be able to make a few tutus.

So I just measured how big around I needed my elastic and I just hand stitched the elastic.  You can use your machine but I didn't want to drag it our for 2 seconds worth of sewing.
Then just stretch it around the back of a chair.  This will make it easier to tie.

So I just measured how long I wanted them and doubled it since the way you tie it will make it hang with 2 pieces.

Hopefully you get how to do the knot but I will try to take your strand, fold in half.  take the loop end and put it behind the elastic.  Then take the other end of the strand and pull it through the loop.  Pull it tight

Hopefully this picture helps.

Then just slide the knots together so that there isn't much elastic showing between

Here is the finished skirt hanging on the chair.

This is hanging on a hanger.

This was a super easy and cheap gift.  This would be a perfect thing for a little girl's birthday =) and it didn't take too long to whip it, I think it took maybe an hour or an hour and half (but my little boy kept distracting me)

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