Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Giving: Kid Gifts

This week we are going to share some of our Gift Ideas to help you get your holiday shopping/making done. Each day will be a different topic. Hope this helps you all in having a wonderful holiday season!

Kids Gifts
  • Baby Blocks
  • Fleece hats (mohawks or monsters tutorial to come)
  • Skylander figures-kids are loving this game and the fun figurines that go with it on sale you can find them for $5
  • Online Disney Store- The thing with online versus the actual store is the online is a larger entity so they can offer larger sales and discounts that the in store sales. I learned this as we were in the store talking to a worker. She said she buys most of her things online cause the prices are better. We ordered some things recently and got almost 50% off everything
  • Marshmallow Shooters- I really want to give these to all the kids/grandkids on one side of the family and then watch the wars that start!
  • Bow and Arrows- After watching Brave a million times my kids really want a bow and arrow. They even cut branches and tried to sand/widdle off the bark. I think they need these fun bows. I saw one site that used black tape instead of the black foam I think the tape would last longer with my kids. Also I have ideas to alter the arrows, I can't wait to try-add an eraser top to the tip of the arrow, or a little bunch of batting covered in a square of fabric tied onto the tip to have a soft tip. After I make this with my arrow additions I will post it on our blog for you guys to see. :) 
  • Legos- Legos are a classic toy. I love just the basic bricks, then the creativity is up to the kids. Of course the sets are fun too. 
  • Musical instruments- I found a fun set at target. The Brand is called just b.  In this set there was a drum and inside the drum are other instruments. Every kid that has come to my has loved playing with it. 
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