Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Giving: Homemade Gifts

Here's some Homemade Gifts we've rounded up that we think would be great to give to those special people in your life this Christmas:

  • I (Teresa) have been on a Harry Potter obsession this year so I am making some things for my daugther and sister-Invisibility cloak, a sign on the wall with a Dumbledore quote or the platform 9 3/4, a sculpty Hedwig necklace, and a snitch ornament (so far this is the thoughts)
  • Hats!!!! we have been loving hats and everyone always wants a new one
  • Angry Birds!! We are a little slow at the Moon house but eventually we figure out what is happening in the world. I am working on these cute birds/pigs so my kids can throw them at each other and we can use boxes to make our own level
  • I am planning on making Hot Chocolate mugs for our granparents. (hope they aren't reading this) I am going to buy the mug from the dollar store and then use sharpie to color on it and bake it for 30 min. I love my kids drawings so now their grandparents can enjoy ones made special for them. I might make a harry potter one too :) with his glasses and scar
    • I (Kayla) am planning on making this one day when I have kids. I saw this idea on pinterest. Go to the store and get some oven mits. At home paint your kids hands and put their hand prints on the oven mits. Then using a paint brush put the year on them. Great gifts for grandparents. 

Here is a website that has a list of some pretty awesome homemade gifts : the36thavenue

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