Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gift Giving: Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes figuring out what to put in those Stocking can be quite the chore! Here are a few ideas to help you out this Christmas:

  • a new toothbrush- especially one that comes with stickers that they can personalize it (This is a tradition in Tiffany's family)
  • bubble bath
  • Card Games like Old Maid, Go Fish, or Matching

  • Jewelry
  • Gift Cards
  • a new toothbrush
  • fuzzy, fun socks
  • Makeup for the Girls

  • Cologne
  • Body Wash
  • A new toothbrush

  • favorite perfume
  • bubble bath, bath fizzes

-This doesn't go in any category per say.  Last year was a crazy year for my family.  My sister got married 3 months after me and her wedding day was two days after Christmas.  My parents did an awesome stocking for us newly weds. The stocking was huge and  it was filled with things like batteries, toothpaste, office supplies, batteries, candy, gum, and lots of things newly weds need.  I really liked what we got so much that I asked my parents to do it again this year. 

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