Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday:Creative Guild Girls Night

This is a totally random yet fun party Emily and Teresa (me) got to join in. We were invited to join a group on Facebook and this group is a ton of Creative bloggers and Company Owners here in Utah. Can I just say we are soooooooooo out of our league here this women are AMAZING!!!!

I don't even know how to start this post....

Okay these pictures are NOT ours they are taken by an amazing lady named Kristen she was super patient and happy even though the night just kept going and going and going her company name is 

Okay next I will just take you on a walk through our evening. First we entered this fabulous room filled with fun scrapbooking/crafting supplies. They are all from Imaginisce. This is a new company to me and holy cow was I blown away by their fun products. There are 3 items in the picture below the pink crimper thing on the left is really a button maker (real name is i-top). we used it to make the fun bracelets on the right.
On the middle right those nifty pink tools are to roll your paper so if you wanted to quil these would work amazing for that. They are specifically designed to roll their flower spirals also showed in the picture. When you roll those spirals they make the spectacular flowers shown on your left. That picture frame and heart were my favorite thing. I kept trying to figure out how to stick it in my purse and take it home :) 
The last item in the bottom right picture is Emily's favorite thing and she wanted to buy it that night but they wouldn't let her :( sad day for Emily poor poor Emily (later you will see why I am mocking her) What does that bad boy do??? it is a wire that is heated so when you cut your ribbon it seals the ends for you. Which means no more lighter or candles to stop your ribbon from fraying all over the place. It was easy to use and super helpful. 
I loved all their products there are soooooo many more. Go check out their website to see more of their things. 

 Emily and I making our fun gifts and teaching others how to use the cool tools! 

Next we got to check out CeCe Caldwell's Paint. This is super easy to use with absolutely no prep work to get your surfaces ready to paint just go to town and paint away. Also all their paint is natural and a chalkboard paint :) Those purses are Kaboo purses and i think it is a sin to paint those bags, but Hey, what do I know?  

 The 3rd stop Emily and I got to enjoy was the pamper us area from Life Aveda. Can I just say WOWZA!! The people from this Spa ROCK! They are so friendly and kind. We got a hand massage, nails done, makeup done, and a back massage!!!!! I never wanted to go home, but no one would take me home :( If you are in the Salt Lake Area LOOK THEM UP!!!

 KABOO!!! These purses are supr fun, sassy, and ohhhhh so functional and wonderful. They have a tech pocket inside padded and perfect size for your tablets. :) I wanted one sooooo bad that as we were driving down for the party I might have said to Emily "You know if they are giving away Kaboo Bags and you win I will HATE YOU!" I felt that I had invited her so if she won what if that wouldn't have been me??? WElll....... They did give prizes later that night we had to wait so you will have to wait too :P
 But really I do hate purses and refuse to carry one and I LOVE MY NEW KABOO BAG!!!!

Dessert was provided from Ashley at Topsy Turvy. (The cake looks like the Kaboo Bags) Okay so can I just say I might be a bit of a cake snob..... It might be because I think my cupcakes are the best so I tend to analyze cakes and cupcakes to look for improvements and to compare to MINE! Other disclaimer I also do not like fondant. I am one of those that peels it off and leaves it on my plate.... Now that being said I really did LOVE this cake. I ate my fondant not a piece left behind. Ashley rolled it thin and it tasted great.  

They are picking the winner for that amazing Kaboo bag..... and the winner is......
She might have been scared to tell me what she won I wasn't in the room so I missed her name being picked.  And she should have been scared very very scared... Okay I still love her and I did BUY my own so now we both have one :) 

Our "after" shots. Aren't we pretty??? I can wear makeup and not die, weird I know.

Just a fun shot with us and Ashley.

Denise, Denise, Denise 
That lady is Amazing and Hilarious!! But I will make Emily tell you all about Denise and when she does she will delete this sentence so hold on the rest is yet to come......

All in all this was an amazing, fun, relaxing, surprising, beautifying night. I can't wait to meet up with these amazing and talented ladies again. (I didn't really show pics of the other ladies just the sponsor things) 

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