Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Thursday: Dinning Room Rug

I have been looking for a big rug to go in my dinning room under my table. I could not find anything i liked in my price range so i had this idea to make my own.
If found this run at Walmart for $10 AMAZING compared to the other prices i was looking at.
 You will need a
measuring tape
Spray paint
frog tape
This is the pattern that I wanted so to get started find a pattern that you love
My lines are 3 in thick
I taped it going one way
 Then taped it going the other
 My squares are 11in by 11in
I cut the extra tape off to make them squares
I just wanted the lines spray painted so I took some scrap paper or you could use newspaper to cover the squares.
 Took it outside and spray painted it.
I did 3 coats of green spray paint
 Let it dry and remove the squares and tape
 I   LOVE   LOVE   LOVE it!

Side note: I would not recommend doing this project when you are pregnant. It is a lot on the body you will feel it the next day for sure.

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